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Lay Down Your Roots

Invest in our area's wellbeing and development, become involved in the community by forming positive and lasting relationships.

As investors ourselves, we wanted to pick and choose which services we wanted a property manager to provide. Without much luck finding the right fit, we created systems that would work for our properties. Realizing there were other property investors looking to better protect their assets we established Rooted Property Maintenance and Development. We want to provide services for our clients and community to help provide better maintained housing for tenants and landlords.

We believe in the power of real estate investing. We want to help you grow your business.

Management Services
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Meet The Team

Our services are provided by highly educated licensed professionals with extensive experience in real estate investments and property management, as well as the related fields of tax and accounting.

Our property management company, leveraging a robust background in real estate sales and investing, offers unparalleled expertise in managing and optimizing property portfolios. We blend traditional sales acumen with forward-thinking investment strategies to maximize returns for our clients. Our comprehensive approach encompasses everything from tenant selection and maintenance to market analysis and property acquisition. This holistic perspective ensures not only the smooth operation of each property but also strategic growth and investment returns in the dynamic real estate market.